Roof Damage & Hail: Insurance Approval & Policy Coverage Info

Roof damage claims are often denied by homeowners insurance or approved only for bare-minimum repairs. But not on our watch! Read on for a discussion of insurance policy coverage and law, and some examples of Chateau getting denials overturned and our policyholders the money they're entitled to for repairs and restorations of their property damage claims.

Cosmetic vs. Structural Damage - Debate & Case Law

Roof Damage Claims Caused by Hail: Do Insurance Companies Pay?

Something we here at Chateau talk about all the time is the fact that insurance companies have a profit-motive to deny claims. This often means that they will deny a roof damage claim on the basis of a "cosmetic damage" exclusion. Homeowners often don't know that this is a wrongful denial of benefits.

The fact is that unless it is explicitly stated otherwise, direct damage to property is always covered. Even the cosmetic kind. So long as the damage was due to a covered peril - like a hail storm - your insurance should pay for repairs and restorations necessary to make it like new.

Hail Storm Roof Damage inspection with Chateau Public Adjusters in Hanover PA
'Cosmetic' Roof Damage like this caused by hail storms is sometimes WRONGFULLY DENIED by homeowners insurance companies.

The FC&S, an organization that provides policy coverage analysis and interpretations for all types of insurance professionals, agrees. In their view, the question of whether cosmetic damage ought to be covered is answered with a simple yes. They responded to a recent roof damage claim that was denied on the basis of cosmetic damage exclusion:

The principle of indemnity is to restore the insured to what they had before the loss, and this insured had a roof with no dents. - FC&S Bulletin ( source )


The courts agree: cosmetic property and roof damage is covered.

In a federal appellate court decision in June 2015 - Advance Cable Company v. Cincinnati Ins. Co., No. 14-2748, 2015 WL 3630699 (7th Cir.) - the court essentially agreed with the FC&S, ruling against the insurance company and setting a precedent for matters pertaining to property and roof damage.

In that case, the plaintiff's roof had suffered damage due to hail. The insurance company denied their claim, asserting that in their policy, "loss or damage" meant "harm", and cosmetic damage is not harmful, and so is not covered.

The court didn't buy it, and they found in favor of the policyholder. Their ruling was that when an insurance policy covers "direct physical damage" there is no distinction between cosmetic damage and structural.

There is no exception to the definition of “loss” for cosmetic damage, or any other kind of particular damage. Had [the insurer] wished to exclude cosmetic damage from coverage, it should have written the policy that way. - U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, 2015 ( source )

Roof Damage Claims Approved in Hanover PA by Chateau Our Public Adjusters Use their Knowledge of Property Damage Law to Help Policyholders get Money for Repairs, Restorations and Replacements for Damage to Roofs, Siding, Gutters and More Caused by Covered Perils like Hail, Storms, etc. Recent Examples Below...

This roof damage claim for hail was originally denied by insurance, and Chateau's public adjuster re-opened it over one year later. We fought to get it approved, and ultimately got insurance to pay for a full 50-year warrantied roofing system replacement, executed by Superior Services of PA & MD.

We ensure that our clients get the representation they deserve, with fair compensation of covered perils or damages incurred. A homeowner should NEVER accept the insurance company's estimate, assessment or scope as the final word. - Eric Hare, owner of Chateau and Superior Services of PA & MD

This home in Littlestown had a severe leak, which our expert restorations contractor mitigated and fixed. During our inspection we discovered the leak was caused by wind- and storm-damage to the roof. We got insurance to pay for the roof leak repair plus a full roof replacement by Superior Services of PA & MD.

This Hanover PA home had suffered hail damage to its siding and its roof. We were brought on by JWE to get the insurance company to approve and pay for a full exterior remodel. These homeowners got brand new siding, a new roof and a new porch installed by JWE Remodeling & Roofing contractors.

Our partnership with Chateau has allowed us to offer our customers an exclusive and valuable service. As a roofing contractor I'm not legally allowed to advocate on a homeowner's behalf to their insurance company, despite my extensive expertise in roofing and construction. But Chateau's public adjusters are, and when we work together I know that my customers are in good hands and cannot be taken advantage of by their insurance company. - Jeff Erb, owner of JWE Remodeling & Roofing

Damage to Your Roof, Siding or Interior?

Don't wait for your insurance company to deny you and don't settle for anything less than full coverage of your repair or restoration. Contact the licensed pros at Chateau Public Adjusters - we will advocate for you and make sure you get the full amount of money you're entitled to. We serve the entire Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland area: York, Adams & Carroll Counties.

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