Recent Roof Damage Claims We Got Approved in Hanover PA

Our public adjusters executing a free roof inspection. We get brought on by expert roofing contractors to help homeowners get their roofing claims approved. Click to expand.
We get Roof Damage in Hanover Approved by Insurance Companies

Our Work with Roofers in Hanover PA Helping Clients get Roof Damage Claims Approved

We work exclusively with two of the best roofers in Hanover PA: Superior Services of PA & MD and JWE Remodeling & Roofing. When these contractors take on a client who has a claim for a damage to their roofs they make sure they have the representation they need to handle the claim properly. We help by providing thorough inspections of roof damage, documentation of the damage for filing the claim, appraisal services when necessary, and expert valuation of damage in order to get complete and thorough repairs and replacements approved by the insurance company. This is especially important because insurance companies often only want to approve bear-minimum patches and repairs rather than full replacements, even when a full roof replacement is necessary. Since roofing contractors are not legally allowed to negotiate with insurance companies, it's important to Hanover homeowners that our public adjusters are there to help.

How Does a Public Adjuster Help with Roofing Claims?

Representing Homeowners to Ensure Full Coverage of Roof Repairs & Replacements

Even expert roofers (like JWE and Superior Services) are limited when it comes to a complicated roof damage insurance claim, because it is against the law for a contractor to negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the insured homeowner. Homeowners are also at a disadvantage because they aren't experienced enough to know the ins-and-outs of the insurance claim process. Our licensed public adjusters have the training and certification and experience needed to hold insurance companies accountable and make sure they approve the coverage the homeowner is entitled to under their specific homeowners insurance policy.

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Free Roof Inspection being executed by Chateau Public Adjusters for a roof damage claim in Hanover PA. Click for Full Photo.

Roof Damage Repairs in Hanover PA

Getting Approval for Roof Replacements and Repairs with JWE & Superior Services

Pictured is one of our roof inspections taking place with the insurance company's adjuster. When our public adjusters are on-site, it is less likely for an insurance company's adjuster to be able to minimize or downplay damage to a roof and the work needed to thoroughly repair it.

Sometimes we just cannot reach an agreement with an insurance company, and when that happens we invoke the appraisal clause (click here to learn more about the appraisal process) to get roof replacements or thorough repairs approved.

In the end, we are just about 100% successful in getting roofs approved and paid for. Check out some examples below of roof replacements we have got approved just in the last week, executed by our two affiliated expert roofing contractors: JWE and Superior Services.

Roof Damage in Greater Hanover PA: Approved for Replacements from June to July 2019

Click here to view this job on Superior Service's website. We helped them get this roof damage approved for a full LIFETIME-warrantied roofing system by GAF.
Roof Damage Repair Approved: Wind Damage

Superior Services of PA & MD had us represent these homeowners in New Oxford (17350, greater Hanover area) to help get their wind-damaged roof approved for replacement. Check out the job on their website.

JWE Remodeling & Roofing executed this replacement, which we got approved for storm and hail damage in Hanover PA 17331. Click here to see the job on their website.
Roof Damage Repair Approved: Storm Damage

JWE Remodeling & Roofing hired us to handle the insurance process for the damage to this Hanover PA home's roof, caused by a July 2019 hail storm which hit the greater Hanover area. We got it approved for a full GAF Lifetime asphalt shingle roofing system. Check out details on their website.

Superior Services of PA & MD executed this roof damage replacement in Carroll County's Manchester MD. We got this roof approved due to wind damage. Check out their website for the job details.
Roof Damage Repair Approved: Wind Damage

Superior Services of PA & MD used our licensed public adjusters to ensure that these Carrolll County MD homeowners got full coverage for a complete LIFETIME-warrantied roofing system by GAF for the roof damage to their home caused by heavy winds in a recent July 2019 storm.

We got this leaking roof in Littlestown PA approved for a full replacement by the homeowner's insurance company. Check out JWE's website for details about this roof replacement.
Roof Damage Repair Approved: Storm Damage

JWE Remodeling & Roofing teamed up with us to help file and negotiate this insurance claim for damage to this home's roof in Littlestown PA and we were able to get it approved for a complete GAF LIFETIME-warrantied roofing system replacement.

We'll continue to help the Hanover PA community get the insurance coverage they deserve. If you have damage to your property's roof, siding, interior or exterior and want to find out if your insurance company is providing the coverage that you are entitled to, please contact us for a free inspection! Our expert roofers, partnered with our public adjusters, will help get you the repairs you need.

Our Public Adjuster Get Insured Owners the Money they Deserve

When insurance companies get away with only paying for small repairs, it's almost always because the policyholder just doesn't have the construction and insurance knowledge needed to properly challenge their valuation. If your home is damaged in any way, whether it is interior or exterior damage from wind, rain, floods, storms, etc. contact us for a free inspection and consultation. We'll help you get what you deserve.

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