Property Damage Claims Services in greater Hanover PA
Securing the Full Coverage that Homeowners & Policyholders Deserve

Property Damage Claims can be a real hassle - as if you don't have enough to worry about. We help homeowners with the complicated insurance recovery process.

Public Adjuster Assistance in Recovery for Water, Flooding, Roofs, Fire & Storm Damage Claims
How Insurance Companies get away with Bare-Minimum, Band-Aid Repairs

When greater Hanover PA 17331 homes or businesses suffer damage from water, fire, storms, wind, rain, hail etc. they begin the process of filing property damage claims with their insurance companies. These companies send out their own insurance adjusters assess the damage. These adjusters are, unfortunately, trained to work on behalf of the insurance company to approve the absolute bare minimum amount of repairs possible. Claims are therefore settled fora fraction of their worth, and insurance companies get richer. Public Adjusters work on behalf of the insured property owner to make sure this does not happen. According to the OPPAGA (Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability) public adjusters earn their clients an average of 574% more money from insurance companies for property damage claims   Schedule your free, no-obligation 21-point home inspection and consultation so we can get started.

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Learn more below about how we help with home damage insurance claims and what to expect from our services.

What to Expect from Our Hanover PA Insurance Claims Services

South-central PA's York & Adams County homeowners are entitled to the full coverage for their home damage claims, but insurance companies have a strong profit-motivation to deny claims entirely or only approve bare-minimum, band-aid style repairs. That's where public adjusters come in, to represent Hanover area homeowners in the complicated claims process. Similar to how an insurance company will ask you to see their "preferred contractor", Chateau has an exclusive partnership with Superior Services of PA & MD, south-Central PA and northern MD's premier roofing and disaster restorations contractor. This licensed general contractor has years of experience in home damage inspection and reporting for insurance companies, and they submit estimates and reports for repairs that use the correct language and methods to get approved for full coverage. Together, Superior Services and Chateau Public Adjusters are near-perfect when it comes to getting work approved and paid in full, from roof replacements to water damage clean-ups and more.

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Property Damage Claims

We specialize in providing expert independent adjusting of property damage claims, from thorough documentation and reporting to negotiating with insurance companies - we have you covered start to finish,

Balancing the Scales

We work for you the way regular insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies. They try to pay as little as possible, and we hold them accountable so that you get the coverage that you're entitled to.

Certified Expertise

Our public adjusters receive long and vigorous training to become licensed and we use that knowledge of property damage claims and insurance law to ensure proper repair and recovery of your home or building damage.

Greater Hanover PA Property Damage Claims Service Area

We serve the entire south-central Pennsylvania area including all locations within a 45-minute drive of Hanover PA 17331 (pictured). This includes York, Adams and Cumberland County as well as northern Maryland.

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We serve the entire south-central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland areas including all towns and zip codes in the following counties:

  • Cumberland, Lancaster, York & Adams Counties in Pennsylvania
  • Frederick, Baltimore & Carroll Counties in Maryland

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