Professional Insurance Claims Handling in PA & MD

Our licensed public adjusters work on behalf of insured policyholders (that's you), not the insurance company. We prepare, appraise and negotiate insurance claims settlements in order to get the full coverage for your claim that you are entitled to by law from your insurance company. We level the playing field for Pennsylvania & Maryland property owners.

We Protect Homeowners During the Insurance Claims Process The Unfortunate Reality: Insurance Companies have a strong profit motivation to deny claims or approve only the bare-minimum recovery. We make sure they are held accountable to the terms of their policy, and we deliver results that regularly exceed 500% increases in insurance claims settlements.

Our Public Adjuster Insurance Claims Services

Property Damage Claims: Greater Hanover, PA

Located in Hanover, PA 17331 we serve our neighbors throughout south-central PA's York & Adams Counties with professional insurance claims handling, appraisals & negotiation. Learn about how we help insured property owners get full benefits from their insurance companies who might otherwise approve bare-minimum repairs.

Property Damage Claims: Carroll County, MD

We provide insurance claims handling for home and business owners in northern Maryland's Carroll County, Franklin County and Baltimore County. Learn about these services and how we help owners and policyholders get the full coverage that they rightfully deserve. We handle the complicated claims process for proper loss recovery.

Free Inspection, Consultation & Estimate

No-obligation, no-cost, risk-free 21-point property inspections & consultations in south-central Pennsylvania & northern Maryland with a licensed P.A. & Contractor. Let's discuss your claim and how we can help maximize your benefits. Our services are free: we get paid out of the insurance settlement we win you, or we don't get paid.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is the only party other than the insured that is legally allowed to represent the interests of the insured (you, the property owner). Our training, certification and licensing allows us to negotiate claims settlements with the insurance company and the insurance company's adjuster. Restorations contractors are not legally allowed to handle insurance claims negotiations or assistance in Pennsylvania or Maryland. Only public adjusters are allowed to do so, and at Chateau we use our extensive training to stop insurance companies from victimizing property owners by only approving the bare minimum, cheapest repairs possible. With a public adjuster on the claim, insurance companies are held responsible.

Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster?
How Much Does it Cost?

When to Hire a Public Adjuster for Insurance Claims Handling Services

The best time to use the services provided by a public adjuster is before you have contacted your insurance company, so that our licensed Public Adjusters can properly assess damage and prepare estimates. This ensures that your insurance claim is presented as thoroughly as possible and with the best likelihood of a full-benefits approval. Start that process today by scheduling a zero-risk, no-obligation free inspection and estimate.