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How Invoking an Insurance Appraisal Clause Can Maximize Your Property Damage Claim

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What is an Insurance Appraisal?

The Process for Disputing an Insurance Company's Valuation of Your Property Damage Claim

When policyholders and their insurance companies disagree on the amount of a property damage or other loss claim, an Appraisal can be requested by either party. An Appraisal is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution that is set forth in your homeowners insurance policy. If you do not agree with your insurance company's valuation of your property damage claim - for example, if they are only willing to pay for clean-ups and bare-minimum repairs rather than replacement - you can invoke the Appraisal clause of your insurance policy. When this is done correctly and competently, you have an excellent chance of receiving more money for your claim.

Invoking an Insurance policy appraisal clause can maximize your claim with a public adjuster assisting
Common Appraisal Policy Language

According to the Insurance Appraisals & Umpire Association (IAUA) the Appraisal clause in an HO-3 policy typically looks like:

"Appraisal. If you and we fail to agree on the actual cash value, amount of loss, or cost of repair or replacement, either can make a written demand for appraisal. Each will then select a competent, independent, appraiser and notify the other of the appraiser's identity within 20 days of receipt of the written demand. The two appraisers will choose an umpire. If they cannot agree upon an umpire within 15 days, you or we may request that the choice be made by a judge of a district court of a judicial district where the loss occurred. The two appraisers will then set the amount of loss, stating separately the actual cash value and loss to each item."

The Appraisal Process
Appraisal Process vs. Legal Action

When insurance appraisals are executed properly, policyholders get the money they need to restore their property's interior or exterior damage and get back to their lives. Click here to schedule your free consultation so we can get the process started.

Insurance Appraisals get money from insurance companies to restore property damage for policyholders

Chateau Public Adjusters Insurance Appraisals

Our Training, Knowledge & Expertise: the Key to Winning Appraisals

When executing the Appraisal process it is beneficial for your Competent and Disinterested appraiser to have the expertise necessary to maximize your claim. You also ideally want someone who has the restorations contracting experience and materials/labor pricing background to provide a thorough and complete appraisal of your property damage claim to counter the one provided by your insurance company, which will surely be low. That's where Chateau comes in. We are partnered with south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland expert restorations and roofing contractor Superior Services of PA & MD. This licensed and reliable contractor brings considerable knowledge to bear when appraising a property damage claim. Together, Chateau and Superior regularly secure many times more money for our clients than was originally offered by their insurance company.

Free Inspection & Insurance Appraisal Consultation

Throughout northern Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania, Chateau Public Adjusters is the go-to Appraiser and insurance claims representation service for interior and exterior property damage claims like water, fire, storm, hail and wind damage. Contact us today so we can start the process of getting you the full coverage that you deserve under your insurance policy.

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