Appraisal of Property Damage Claim gets Owners Six-Times More Insurance Money

How Our Appraisal Service Awarded these Owners 6x More Money for their Property Damage Insurance Claim

From an Initial Offer of $1,800 We Won Our Clients $12,000 for a New Roof Replacement

Insurance Claims Appraisal

The Process for Disputing an Insurance Company's Valuation of Your Property Damage Claim

When policyholders and their insurance companies disagree on the amount of a property damage or other loss claim, they request an Appraisal, a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution that is set forth in the insurance policy. Both parties will pick an independent expert to examine the claim and determine a value, and that decision is binding (more from the IAUA).

Such was the case with this insurance claim for a wind-damaged roof in Frederick MD. The homeowners filed the claim on their own, and the insurance company made an initial offer of $1,800 to cover a "patch & plug" style repair. Knowing that this is wouldn't be enough, the homeowners wanted to dispute the offer. See below for how we helped.

Invoking an Insurance policy appraisal clause can maximize your claim with a public adjuster assisting
Licensed public adjuster offering insurance claim appraisals in Hanover PA 17331 Chateau Public Adjusters LLC

Appraisal of Roof Damage Claim

How We Proved that this Roof Needed to be Replaced

Unfortunately it is common for insurance companies to approve only bare-minimum, "band-aid" style repairs for property damage claims. This is great for their profits, but really bad for homeowners and their properties. Fortunately, there is a process for disputing these offers. Our insurance claims assistance services help policyholders get the coverage they're legally entitled to. We invoked the Appraisal Clause of this homeowners' insurance policy and brought in a "disinterested and competent" expert to provide a valuation of the claim.

Independent Appraiser: Our roofing contractor served as the policyholder's expert in the Appraisal process. This normally costs $700-$1k, but with Chateau the service is free.

Inspection & Valuation of Damage: We showed that the "patch & plug" repairs were wholly insufficient considering the extensive roof damage, and that a full roof replacement was necessary.

Reaching an Agreement: Our appraiser and the insurance company's appraiser compared their valuation of the damages and the cost of repairing or replacing the roof, and they reached an agreement. Had they not, the decision would have been made by a 3rd-party expert.

Appraisal Award: 600% increase, from $1800 to $12k

Our valuation and appraisal of the damage was so thorough that there was no room for the insurance company to dispute that this roof needed a total replacement. The two parties' appraisers agreed on twelve thousand dollars, and our clients were able to get their roof replaced.

We Help Property Owners Get the Insurance Money they Deserve

When insurance companies get away with only paying for small repairs, it's almost always because the policyholder just doesn't have the construction and insurance knowledge needed to properly challenge their valuation. If your home is damaged in any way, whether it is interior or exterior damage from wind, rain, floods, storms, etc. contact us for a free inspection and consultation. We'll help you get what you deserve.

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  1. Appreciate this page.

    Your Public Adjuster will work with you and various construction, restoration and repair professionals who know LOCAL conditions, prices, and current building codes in order to develop an accurate estimate of what it will take to truly rebuild your property to its previous condition. This includes various improvements and additions that you have made to the property, as well as upgrades that are now required to meet local building codes – as long as you have the appropriate coverages.

  2. My roof was destroyed from storm damage that happened in May of 2019. It have been a back and forth between my insurance company and I. I have the coverage the insurance company are playing games. I name my appraiser and Farmers insurance named their appraiser after I decided to go to appraisal. Over a week later they told me appraiser that I named was not qualified to do the appraisal in which they were asking for. I am pressed for time it would be an entire year May, 26, 2020. They gave me 15 more days to name my appraiser. I need someone that specializes in area of appraisal for damages. I have evidence that they are not being truthful and that I have the coverage

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