Insurance Claims Settlement Services in SouthCentral PA & Northern MD

Chateau is a licensed public adjuster firm serving south-central Pennsylvania (greater Hanover) and northern Maryland (from Baltimore to Carroll County) with representation during the complicated insurance claims process. Our certified public adjusters use their extensive training and education to make sure that our clients get the full coverage that they are entitled to under the terms of their policy. We specialize primarily in home and property damage insurance claims like fire, water, hail, and flood damage to basements, exteriors, roofs, kitchens, bathrooms etc. Chateau Public Adjusters regularly succeeds in securing up to 600% more insurance money for our clients.

Chateau Public Adjusters Insurance Claims Assistance Services for Property Damage, Wind, Fire, Water, Flood, Hail, Roof Damage Insurance Claims in southern PA, Hanover, York and northern MD Carroll County

Our Insurance Claims Appraisal and Settlement Services Ensure You and Your Home are Properly Covered by Your Insurance Company and Your Policy. You Get:

Policy Law Experts

Our expert Public Adjuster have the insurance training to represent you in the claims appraisal & settlement process so that the scales are tipped in your favor, not the insurance company's.

Damage Restoration

Roofing, water, fire, smoke, floods, basements, sump pumps, etc. We have exclusive partnerships with reliable licensed contractors who specialize in high quality insurance restorations.

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Full Coverage

The default bare-minimum repairs that insurance companies push on people are great for their profits but bad for homeowners. We make sure you get the recovery that you're entitled to.

Educated Professionals

Chateau Public Adjusters are licensed in Maryland and Pennsylvania to represent homeowners in negotiations and appraisals, and we have the experience and training to get results for our clients.

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Timely Payments

When money gets held up repairs get delayed and it takes longer for you to get back to normal. You have enough to worry about. We make sure insurance companies release money on time.

Free Inspection

Schedule a free consultation and inspection of your home or property damage with Chateau's licensed public adjusters to find out how we can get you more money for your loss recovery.

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Public Adjusters: Assistance in Insurance Claims Recovery

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is the only party other than the insured that is legally allowed to represent the interests of the insured (you, the property owner). Our training, certification and licensing allows us to negotiate claims settlements with the insurance company and the insurance company's adjuster. Restorations contractors are not legally allowed to handle insurance claims negotiations or assistance in Pennsylvania or Maryland. Only public adjusters are allowed to do so, and at Chateau we use our extensive training to stop insurance companies from victimizing property owners by only approving the bare minimum, cheapest repairs possible. With a public adjuster on the claim, insurance companies are held responsible.

Why Do I Need a Public Adjuster?
How Much Does it Cost?

Free, No-Obligation Consultation & Property Damage Inspection

Browse our website to learn about the assistance we provide insured owners during the claims process from the initial filing through appraisals and settlements. In northern Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania, Chateau Public Adjusters is the go-to insurance claims service for interior and exterior property damage claims like water, fire, storm, hail and wind damage. Contact us today so we can start the process of getting you the full coverage that you deserve under your insurance policy.

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Our Service Area

We serve the entire south-central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland areas including all towns and zip codes in the following counties:

  • Cumberland, Lancaster, York & Adams Counties in Pennsylvania
  • Frederick, Baltimore & Carroll Counties in Maryland

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